Voip Telephony

With BT announcing that ISDN will officially retire in 2025, Voice over IP services have been the go-to replacement for businesses of every size.

VoIP telephone systems have many benefits over traditional PSTN/ISDN phone calls. They can usually sit alongside your current business computer network without any cabling, is easily scalable to any size business, and the price of calls is much cheaper than traditional phone calls.

Due to it's reliance on the Internet, we normally recommend a separate Internet connection for your VoIP calls. This also allows a level of redundancy for your corporate network in a pinch, as well as providing a good quality of service for your phones.

Harry Shaw can provide you with all of the above, and we can also help advise on the installation and compatibility of other providers VoIP systems with your corporate network impartially: we pride ourselves on making sure you get the right telephone system for your business no matter what.

If you're still undecided or think that the quality of VoIP calls isn't up to scratch, give us a call today and you will be talking to us on our VoIP system!