Anti Spam

Spam is the scourge of most inboxes. Current statistics show that between 50% and 70% of all emails sent worldwide are spam mail! 

Whilst we recommend that you never reply in any form to unsolicited emails, Harry Shaw Business Computers also provide a hosted Email Security solution that helps stop spam and virus emails from ever reaching your network.

Wireless Networking

Harry Shaw Business Computers is an expert in wireless technology. We can securely extend the range of your network, provide great flexibility into your infrastructure and bridge networks together with our range of certified 2.4Ghz unlicensed wireless solutions, or 5.8Ghz Licenced solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Backups are critical to your IT infrastructure , and are often overlooked until you need them! We understand that backups of data, programs and servers are essential, and we actively monitor them.

Network Cabling

Structured cabling designed and installed to the highest certified standards by experts in their field, who have a vast experience in the design and installation of computer network infrastructures for all sorts of organisations, from large office blocks to school classrooms. All network wiring installations are tested and certified to the required standard.

The Cloud

Cloud services are becoming more common in today's businesses. The ability to scale both resources and cost provide an excellent tool for businesses large and small.

We can assist with the planning, setup and management of the services that suit your business best!


Antivirus is your last line of defence. With over 250,000 new malware appearing every day, an up-to-date antivirus is a business essential!