Harry Shaw Business Computers was started in 1998 by the Harry Shaw Group, already a well-known and respected name in the local business community with a diverse number of divisions.  Originally named HST Computer Services the company was formed out of the frustration the Group experienced in finding quality local IT services.  It was renamed to Harry Shaw Business Computers in 2000 to emphasize the business-focused nature of the services on offer.

Over the years we have ensured that new and emerging technologies are evaluated for their worth in what they can improve or add to our customers own businesses and have never ‘jumped on the band wagon’, preferring a more measured and pragmatic approach.  This has led to many long-standing relationships with our customers who trust our advice and un-biased views.

With a knack of explaining even the most complex of issues to the often bewildered person put in charge of their organisations IT (because they once ‘fixed’ a problem) but without causing their eyes to glaze over, it is this simple yet solid approach that has allowed us continued growth by happy customers talking to others.   IT is a constantly changing landscape but with a solid technical background and a friendly, personal approach, we have yet to find a scenario we couldn’t deal with.