Managed Services

Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing IT management and PC Technical Support as a strategic method of improving the business operation, without the added costs of having full-time on-site IT Department. Harry Shaw Business Computers is proud to provide an excellent manged service to businesses in and around the Midlands.

Your network systems are proactively monitored and reported against 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alerts are generated automatically in the event of conditions that are likely to reduce the efficiency of your systems. Those alerts are acted upon and the result is better performance and reduced downtime.

A small application sits on your server and discretely monitors the performance of all devices attached to your network. The statistics produced are then used to proactively monitor and track the performance of your network. Automatically generated alerts to certain conditions are then produced and will be acted upon in order to prevent system degradation.

With information gathered automatically, the data is then collated by a qualified 'human' (Harry Shaw Business Computers cannot guarantee that the human concerned possesses all of the social skills normally associated with human behaviour) and the report is commented upon and issued. It may include recommendations if any are appropriate, or may simply explain certain items in more detail.