Regular Maintenance

Technology has become an integral part of daily business operations, and much like your car, it benefits from regular maintenance. If your business network was sluggish or faulty, that would disrupt the smooth running of your company and have a knock on effect to your customers. With routine maintenance, you can help prevent the failure of your hardware and unprecedented downtime.

Harry Shaw Business Computers' professional computer maintenance can save you from unforeseeable problems, such as data loss, or hardware damage. We conduct regular maintenance to your servers and network to uphold the integrity of your I.T. infrastructure. This will include managing and running updates to your operating system(s), firmware and drive updates for your hardware, antivirus program updates as well as software updates.

It may sound obvious, but without regular maintenance for your systems, the risk to your business increases daily. Eventually you will start to experience degraded performance, issues, and the likelihood of your systems coming under attack from malicious software goes up. Having made an important investment in your business systems, it makes sense to keep that investment performing well for you.  Contact us today, we perform all of the above regularly for all our contract customers as part of our service level agreement.