Wireless Networking

Harry Shaw Business Computers is an expert in wireless technology. We can securely extend the range of your network, provide great flexibility into your infrastructure and bridge networks together with our range of certified 2.4Ghz unlicensed wireless solutions, or 5.8Ghz Licenced solutions.

Wifi Technology is constantly changing, but Harry Shaw has implemented long range and short range wireless bridging and hotspots for a variety of industries, whether bridging networks separated by location, or extending a cabled network range in difficult terrain, our wireless solution could be the solution for you.

For home businesses, or for where wifi is inadequate for needs, we also provide Powerline network solutions. It's not strictly wireless in that wires are involved, but the carrier wires are usually hidden behind skirting boards, in conduit and behind walls.

Prices for wireless implementation depend upon ranges etc. but you can be assured that Harry Shaw's legendary value for money and eye for detail will ensure a complete solution.