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Harry Shaw Business Computers work in partnership with clients, and can draw on 20+ years of experience in order to advise you on how to use IT effectively in order to meet your businesses' growing needs, or overcome difficulties. We work to improve the structure and efficiency of systems in various ways, and can provide strategic guidance on emergent technologies and sustainable infrastructure.

We are happy to be consulted on everything from selection and procurement, to expert technical support. Our engineers will devise a solution, go through it with you, and then implement and maintain it going forward. We always keep an eye on new and exciting technologies that could be of benefit to your organisation.

It is our belief that it’s wrong to sneak additional costs in through the back door: we promise there’s no hard sell, no obligations or hidden costs.  We make sure to let you know whats happening every step of the way. We like to do IT right: measure twice, cut once. After all, if your business is running smoothly and successfully, then so is ours.

Don't be sure. Be Harry Shaw.